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Why we celebrate CIF Construction Safety Week 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not quite Christmas yet. . . it’s CIF Safety Week 2022! 

safety week

Why is CIF Construction Safety Week so wonderful? Well, that’s easy; At ADCO we celebrate the fact that safety is the bond that unites us all. It is our connection to something bigger than ourselves, a shared vision of a stronger, safer industry built in a supportive environment. 

health and safety

This is the time of year when the Construction Industry Federation calls on all of us to celebrate best practice, to reinforce and promote the importance of safety, health and overall wellbeing at work and in life. It reminds us that we are not alone and the more we can show up to support each other the more connected and committed we feel. When we’re supported on the job, we’re able to be fully present and focused allowing us to make safer choices which in turn lead to safer teams and safer job sites. 

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As a proud supporting partner to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, we were thrilled that they undertook an all-Ireland tour last week to promote their outstanding “Help Inside the Hard Hat” campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of the overall wellbeing of our industry personnel. The touring team consisted of trained mental health first aiders with backgrounds in construction, who met and spoke with as many construction workers as possible, to offer advice and to have some craic, as well as handing out prizes and freebees.

mental health

We have always believed our Health and Safety policy needs to be far reaching and should cover not just risk assessments and safe equipment but should go much further than that to address the issues of stress and mental health among team members. Our senior management are committed at all levels to being there to support our team. 

safety week

Every single day we walk onto construction sites around the country, big ones, small ones, pharma to food and beverage, new build to fit out, and on each one the goal is the same – get the job done safely. We feel an unwavering responsibility to each other, our clients, our subcontractors, our families and our friends to make sure we all return home safe every day. 

safety week

CIF Safety Week is an industry-wide show of force. It’s an opportunity for clients and competitors to stand united in celebrating the incredibly hard work that is put in year-round to ensure safety is the foundation that everything else builds around. Celebrating this week together reinforces our commitment to continuously building a stronger, safer industry together.


The efforts which go into creating safer workplaces are ongoing and never static. New safety technologies and techniques are constantly being developed but in the same breath it must be said that new technology can also create new hazards. Constant vigilance and safeguarding are the keys to preventing and limiting risk, for example continuously reviewing and monitoring the training needs of the team. 

safety week

With an A rating on Safe-T-Cert, ADCO Contracting is fully committed to our industry leading Health, Safety and Welfare Policy. This policy has structures in place to follow Industry Codes of Practice to safeguard all our employees, contractors, people and property affected by our work. Health and safety has always been a top priority for us and our safety record is one of the reasons over 80% of our work is sourced from repeat business clients. In fact, we have just recently been shortlisted for the Excellence in Health & Safety award by Irish Construction Industry Awards.

Safety week

CIF Construction Safety Week is the time to remind ourselves that together, we are building a stronger, safer industry.  We are using this as an opportunity to strengthen our industry’s safety culture and performance by sharing best practices, tools and resources. Our safe choices have a huge direct impact on our team members, their families, and the communities in which we live and work and we must never lose sight of that. We stand united in our commitment to continuously improve our safety culture and send each and every employee home safe every day. 

health and safety

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