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Fit-Outs versus Interior Renovations: What is the Difference?

Interior renovations and fit-outs

What is the difference between interior renovations and fit-outs? Although the two have some similarities, they are much different processes.

What are interior renovations?

Renovations involve taking an old building or space, perhaps one which has experienced fire or water damage, and renewing it – making it as good as new. This would involve the removal and replacement of old fixtures, the repair of walls and ceilings, and generally reinvigorating the space. It can even involve structural repair, should it be required, which may involve the addition or the removal of walls, as well as the upgrading of existing electrical systems.

This process usually takes place for several reasons, and can benefit the building owner in different ways. Renovations can increase the value of a building, by making the space more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers. The complete restructuring of a space may allow for a change of use in the building by allowing for the introduction of equipment when it may not have previously been possible to accommodate it in an appropriate manner. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for renovations to take place with the goal of making a building more energy efficient and sustainable. This isn’t just good for the environment, but can also lower the costs associated with the space. This can be achieved by adding larger windows to allow for more natural lighting, adding insulation to the walls, or through the addition of solar panels.

What is a fit-out?

Fit-outs involve creating a space which is tailor made for a tenant. This usually takes place after the renovation is completed. Although they come in different varieties (which you can read about here) the process usually involves the addition of new carpets and fixtures, appropriate partitioning, even furniture and kitchenettes.


By now, you probably know which option is right for you, but if you’d like to know more about fit-outs and the value they can bring to your building, visit

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