ADCO Shell and Core fit-out

What is Shell and Core?

What is Shell and Core?

Shell and core refers to a certain type of fit-out. It refers to the work which is done on the “shell”, the part of the building which separates the outside from the inside components. This includes foundations, roofs, walls, and so on.

Why choose a Shell and Core fit-out?

This type of fit-out can be very popular, due to the building being, in essence, a blank canvas, allowing clients to design and finish the interior of the building to suit their own needs.

As such, clients should not expect to find even basic components such as air conditioning and lights. Shell and core will usually simply be the structure. While this may present some issues, the main benefits are that it allows for nearly endless customisation, will likely have room for large installations which would not be possible if there were walls and partitions in place, as well as the lack of need to spend time and money removing assets which may be unneeded for the tenant’s plans for the space. The fact that the space is empty also allows for more versatility in the installation of mechanical and electrical elements (building services) allowing for more flexibility in the position of air conditioning, audio visual equipment, machinery, computers, tea stations, etc.

Common areas

As mentioned, the tenant’s should not expect to find any services when taking on a shell and core fit-out. However, areas between the spaces (between offices, for example) may have already been fitted out. These areas might include communal amenities, such as:

  • Lobbies
  • Receptions
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairwells
  • Lifts
  • Kitchenettes
  • Loading bays

Your Fit-Out Contractor

A successful project will need an experienced team to head the project, provide expert services, and acknowledge and plan for risks so that it doesn’t go over budget or programme – all while ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

To see how your building can benefit from ADCO’s expertise, visit our page at

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