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What is a contractor?

What is the meaning of contractor?


What is the meaning of contractor? Contractors can vary from single, self-employed individuals to large multinational companies. They are called contractors due to being hired on a per-contract basis. They may be required to provide materials and labour, or simply just labour. Some contractors might hire their own contractors to complete specialist duties. These are referred to as subcontractors. General contractors supervise the work being done by all subcontractors, to endure that the needs of the client are being met.


General contractor duties and responsibilities


Though the duties and responsibilities of the contractor can vary from project to project, there are some responsibilities that must always be taken. They include:


  • Being in full cooperation with the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) – providing any site specific information, and managing and coordinating health and safety issues during the construction stage.
  • Consulting workers with site specific induction
  • Monitoring compliance and taking corrective action when necessary
  • Complying with site rules, and ensuring the compliance of employees, with the safety and health plan
  • Identification and elimination of hazards or the reduction of risks during construction
  • Facilitation of the site safety representative
  • Providing the PSCS with the necessary information for the safety file
  • Complying with the instructions of the project supervisors
  • Reporting any accidents which result in an employee being able to perform their normal function for more than three days to the Authority and to the PSCS
  • Ensuring that workers have a safety awareness card and a construction skills card
  • Providing workers with a site specific induction
  • The appointment of a safety officer in instances where there are more than 20 on site or 30 employed


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