Whether it is a new design and build, fit-out or clean-room project, effective waste management is extremely important to ensure a safe and legally compliant project.
From working across numerous complex projects with waste management at their core, ADCO Contracting has built up a wealth of knowledge, capability and competency in appropriate, legally compliant waste management procedures and protocols. Our expertise spans ensuring safe operation of our teams onsite to managing and policing other contractors and vendors onsite, ensure full site adherence to compliant waste management policies and procedures.

A particular focus for ADCO Contracting is ensuring compliance to industry COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulation. This dictates how risks get determined, how to ensure people are protected in addition to minimising the frequency and severity of incidents and accidents.

ADCO Contracting Waste Management  DCO Contracting Waste Management Image


ADCO Contracting can provide the full remit of Waste Management services, advice and support to clients such as:

  • Waste and hazardous material storage (e.g. explosive, corrosive, oxidising, toxic, flammable, pressurised gas), use and removal including adhering to minimal storage requirements
  • Waste management, training and advisory service
  • Proper disposal of material such as aerosol cans, floor resin cans and waste paint, batteries, cables, lighting and compliant to WEEE regulations
  • Management of internal/external hazardous waste areas and non-hazardous waste areas
  • Spill management, spill kits and response procedure
  • Sewer, drain and manhole protocols and management
  • Conducting appropriate risk assessments and maintaining site registers
  • Ensuring safe and secure storage of materials
  • Managing warning signage, fire extinguisher areas, product and material labelling
  • Reconciliations, documentation and reporting on asset removal, destruction, categorisation, etc to ensure rebates and minimise liability.

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