Our company was initially set-up to focus on pharmaceutical and medical sector clean rooms and fit outs quickly establishing a well-deserved reputation with clients such as MSD, Biotrin, Amgen and Pfizer.

Our clean room work spans across new clean room setup to shutdowns and upgrades. ADCO Contracting has completed cold store installations, laboratory upgrades, production warehouse upgrades and full M&E fit outs.

ADCO Contracting Clean Room image   ADCO Contracting Clean Room Image 2

   ADCO Contracting Clean Room Image

Why ADCO Contracting for Clean Room projects?

  • Part of our core offering since inception
  • Completed a multitude of clean room projects including a number of complex projects
  • Director-level involvement in all projects (we only take on a handful at one time!)
  • Tried and trusted clean room experts
  • Familiarity and experience working to specific standards for clean room set up
  • ADCO Contracting have delivered all our clean room installations on-time, every-time

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