MSD, Ballydine Extension and Contractors’ Compound


Adco was contracted to manage the civil and structural elements of a new build extension to the existing facility in Ballydine and to construct a contractors’ compound to facilitate expansion of the plant in the coming years. The project comprises 2 separate scopes of work in parallel.


Due to working within the constraints of a live pharmaceutical facility, access is very tightly controlled, and is more rigorous in the context of COVID 19 SOP. It was also necessary to work around existing live services – underground cabling, power, data, chemical process drainage management. Preplanned methodologies and strict coordination
with other contractors onsite and compliance with strict permitting regime was needed.
Work took place by a sensitive tributary of River Suir – necessitating sedimentation plans to mitigate runoff from earthworks. PIMS information sharing platform – Common Data Environment – design approvals, technical submittals was used due to a very tight programme, in the context of harsh weather conditions and a high water table.

Main Contract

• Pile caps
• Precast ground beams
• Hardcore, insulation
and radon barrier
• Process drainage – Pressurised double contained HDPE system
• Storm drainage, including attenuation tank
• Foul drainage
• Fire drain
• Ducting
• Concrete floor pours – ‘Superflat’ Finish
• Footpaths, roads and landscaping


Contractor’s Compound

• Tree and vegetation removal
• Topsoil strip
• Cut and fill
• Hardcore and road build-up
• Road surfacing
• Line marking
• Fencing
• Building foundations
• Drainage and services
• Traffic management and live road tie-in




PM Group

Project Manager

PM Group

Project Value

€ 3,500,000

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