Good Housekeeping sets the tone.

ADCO explains the importance of good housekeeping as a main contractor.

Construction work can be messy, there’s no denying that. The issue is not with the mess being created but rather with how it is handled. As a Main Contractor we know that good housekeeping sets the tone of a project. Here we explain why it’s such a priority and how we approach it on our projects.


Why is good housekeeping a priority?

Housekeeping is the responsibility of everyone. ADCO promotes a “Clean as you go “ policy to encourage everyone to clean their own work areas.


A tidy worksite dramatically improves the health and safety of all trades on site. Tidiness, cleanliness and a good housekeeping ethos reduces the risk of slip and trip accidents and near misses, but it goes far beyond that. If walkways are not kept clear, then access and egress is restricted, and escape routes are compromised. As well as that, if waste is allowed to accumulate it can become a potential fire hazard. When hazardous substances such as dust and vapours are not effectively managed this reduces air quality and is a health risk for everyone on site. 

As well as the health and safety risks, if a site is disorganised and untidy, then productivity suffers. When trades don’t know where the tools they need are, or don’t have a clear workspace, that results in unnecessary downtime and increased handling of materials. It’s not just productivity that suffers but also perception. When a site is cluttered and disorganised then progress is not easily discernible, motivation can falter. 


How does ADCO approach housekeeping?

The ADCO teams approach housekeeping with the mindset that it is something to be maintained rather than ‘achieved’.

Expectations are communicated clearly from kick-off and reinforced throughout the lifecycle of the project. We make sure everyone on our sites know how to work safely with the products and tools they use as well as how to protect other employees (e.g., posting signs, such as ‘wet – slippy floor’, reporting any unusual conditions etc.). We follow this up with regular toolbox talks, training and health and safety inspections.


One of the cornerstones of our housekeeping practice at ADCO, is to lay out and use the space available to us as effectively and efficiently as possible with clear exclusion zones for the work. We communicate and coordinate with all trades on site at every stage of the project, listening to their feedback so we can plan and adjust how the flow and floorplan of the space is utilised. This results in reduced handling easing the flow of materials, better control of tools and materials sitewide (including inventory and supplies), and improved productivity. Knowing the site layout and the movement of materials and tools has the knock-on effect of helping with planning our work procedures. 

At ADCO we recognise that each project is unique. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each client, and we go to great lengths to make sure that these needs are recognised and achieved. To discuss how we can help you with improved housekeeping, safety and productivity on your next project, reach out to us here.

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