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What is a fit-out?

What is a fit-out?


Despite fit-outs being a regular occurrence, people still often ask “what is a fit-out”? 

There are many different kinds of fit-outs, including commercial office, retail, pharmaceutical sector, and industrial, but, simply put, they are the process of making an interior space ready for occupation by the tenants. They are often undertaken by the tenant, through their own contractor, although they are sometimes done at the request of a landlord who may be looking for new tenants or is seeking to increase the value of their property.


What is the difference between Cat A and Cat B? 


If you’re considering a fit-out, you’ll need to know the difference between Cat A and Cat B.  When a landlord hires a contractor to create a space for clients they are usually left empty, this is called a CAT A, whereas a CAT B will have been made with a specific tenant in mind.  


CAT A often includes:

  • Raised access flooring
  • Basic electrical services
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Basic mechanical services such as HVAC
  • Plumbing and bathrooms
  • Fire alarms and fire escapes


Cat B is more in line with what we consider to be a modern office fit-out, they are much more tailored towards a specific tenant and will usually include:

  • Wall finishes and decorations 
  • Finished flooring and carpeting
  • Designated offices, meeting rooms, and break out areas
  • Reception areas
  • Appropriate partitioning
  • Kitchenettes
  • Office Furniture


Fit-Out Contractors 


Often fit-outs are carried out in challenging live environments and occupied buildings where live services must be maintained and tenants are carrying out their daily business. In refurbishing older real estate often there is restricted access for waste out and materials in. A successful project will need an experienced team to acknowledge and plan for these and other risks to that it doesn’t go over budget or programme – all while ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulations.


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